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Links to information resources
There is a great deal of information about CCPs available in the internet. The following links are some of the best sources of information available throughout the world (All open in a new window); American Coal Ash Association - Has information on the use of CCPs in the USA Association of Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash - (CIRCA) - The Canadian ash industry Ash Development Association of Australia - Australian producers and marketers of ash form the Ash Development Association of Australia Inc (ADAA). Coal Combustion and Gasification Products  A unique peer-reviewed journal designed specifically to communicate coal ash research and emerging new technologies. ECOBA - European Coal Combustion Products Association e.V. Hydraulically Bound Mixtures web site - An information site on how and where HBMs are used in the UK. IEA Clean Coal Centre - General information on coal burning techniques, including information on fly ash. Informational Electronic Constantly Updated Open System "The Best Available and Perspective Nature Protection Technologies in the Russian Power Industry" International Ash Utilization Symposia Series - The Kentucky, USA ‘World of Coal Ash’ conference web site. JCOAL - Japan Coal Energy Center web site with various documents on clean coal technology The Coal Ash Resource Centre - General information on coal ash production and utilisation. NCAB Mission - National Coal Ash Board Mission providng general information on coal ash and issues in Israel SACAA - South African Coal Ash Association - General information, newsletters, etc on CCPs in South Africa The University of Kentucky - Fly ash info - Papers from the International Ash Utilization Symposia held in Kentucky. The University of Kentucky - Ash education site - A site explaining coal fired power station products United Kingdom Quality Ash Association - Datasheets, case studies, etc on the use of CCPs in the UK UPS The website of the Polish CCP Union - with documents and information on uses for CCPs